Phenomics Platform


Offline Tumaini App is Here!

Dear Tumaini app users: We are happy to inform you that we already updated offline models for all the major banana diseases; please update the app at google play store.


Tumaini Gets more Acknowledgments

We are honored to share the latest Altmetric reports from Plant Methods, where two of our latest publications are mentioned here:

Congrats Team!


Tumaini Gets more Acknowledgments

We are honored to announce that one of our latest papers “AI-powered banana diseases and pest detection” is rated as one of the top 5 most downloaded papers on 2019. Congrats team!

Phenomics Platform in PyCon Colombia 2020

We congratulate our Research Assistant Alejandro Vergara who presented in the PyCon 2020

CASD Open House

We were glad to receive and show how we work to CASD students, through the ‘Open House’ Program.


We were glad to receive a visit from the Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre (AARSC), group with which we shared knowledge and experiences in Remote Sensing.

Gates Foundation Visit

We are honored to have Dr. Renee Lafitte, Deputy Director Crops R&D, Gates foundation, to visit our CIAT Phenomics platform as part of healthy crops project meeting, 2019. Wonderful discussions and great learning.

Tumaini Acknowledgments

We were glad to receive a lot acknowledgments from media around the world, congratulations to the development team of Tumaini App!

New Publication!

We are glad to announce the publication of our newest research paper, ” AI-Powered Banana Diseases and Pest Detection” find it at: Also find our Beta Version of the app at Playstore:

NASA Visit

We were honored with the visit of NASA researchers, to exchange knowledge and explore collaboration agreements.

IDB Visit

On November 9 /2018 we were honored with the visit of IDB members, which came to CIAT to get ideas for future collaboration agreements.

Tumaini Receives IT Award!

We are glad to announce the first prize of our Mobile App Tumaini, which was recognized by the government of Valle del Cauca as leader in digital transformation in the region. Congratulations!

Phenomics Platform in CaliConf 2019

We congratulate Alejandro Vergara for his participation in CaliConf 2019, a group of conferences related to Agriculture and Food Security

Phenomics Platform in Big Data Convention!

We congratulate to Dr. Selvaraj and Manuel Valderrama for their participation in Big Data Conference, hosted by ICRISAT in Hyderabad (India). 

NVIDIA Blog about Tumaini App

We were honored with a blog posted by NVIDIA about our mobile app Tumaini, check here:

ICAR Visit

We were honored with ICAR visit. Dr. AK Singh came to see our lab to know advances made on phenomics.

FIU Visit

We were visited by a group of students of the Florida International University, in companion of the Professor Kateel Shetty from Agroecolgy program, with the purpose of learn more on agriculture and natural resource conservation.

Visit from Bancolombia

Bancolombia is interested in looking for potential lines of collaborations with CIAT, and to explore how we can partner up as part of their Agenda Agro. On March 13th we had the visit of the President of Bancolombia, his Directive Committee, Foundation directors and innovation lab.

ISTRC 2018 Participation

We were invited to present our work in cassava phenomics at the International Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops (ISTRC) held at CIAT in October 22 to 25 / 2018.